Working Barrels

Working barrels are oak barrels that haven't been varnished or oiled on the outside for cosmetic reasons, or had its insides sealed with pitch or wax.  Not dressing up the barrel, other than sanding / scraping it clean, leaves the oak free to breathe and allow the exchange of gas between the inside and outside.   Working Barrels are used to mature your spirits.  Our display casks and kegs provide a very attractive dispenser of your matured spirits.

Spirit Maturation:
140-100-50-50oval: 140l 100l 50l and 50l oval casks

Why use an oak barrel?
Oak heartwood has pores that are plugged naturally and minimise porosity (leakage) and its resistance to decay.

Oak has always been the preferred choice of wood for spirit maturation due to its ability to impart colour and a richness/complexity along with removing harshness. In short using one of our oak barrels gives your spirit or wine added flavour, colour, aromas and takes out the roughness (smooth to drink).

Having your own barrel lets you decide on the levels of flavour and aroma that the oak imparts. After maturation, bottle your spirits and refill your barrel with your next brew.  

*Working barrels are not stained or polished and allow the free transfer of gas between the inside and outside, aiding in the maturation process. Due to the movement of wood and absorption of the liquid into the wood all barrel sizes and capacities are approximate only.

Furniture, drum bodies and accessories made from Barrels

We don't only make barrels, we also recycle them and create furniture, taiko drum bodies, shelves, racks, letter boxes, brewer's spoon, mirrors and much more out of it. 

Stave Furniture
Davenport Barrel Chairs + Brewer's Spoon