Barrel Reconditioning:

The smart way to recycle your barrels is to recondition them at a fraction of the cost of new ones. Reconditioned barrels tend to produce a rounder, more mellow extraction of the oak. In a blend, shaved barrels can add a delicious flavor component. If you have barrels that are approximately 4 years old, consider shaving and toasting.  We remove both heads, shave 3 to 5mm of saturated wood and toast the barrel to your specification over an open oak fire.  The heads are planed smooth and toasted prior to reassembling the barrel.  For this service, our fees are $200 plus shipping if you supply the oak barrel.  If we supply a 228L reconditioned barrel (toasted to your specification), it would cost $330 plus shipping.


Barrel Repairs:

  • Stave(s) replacements
  • Heads replaced
  • Leakers stopped
  • Hoops tightened
  • Shaves and toasts
  • Cosmetic (we make 'em look good)

All our work is guaranteed.
Please contact us for pricing.


Split bung stave in for replacement.
Replaced bung and adjoining stave.
Staves broken at croze. Replaced 7 staves
Barrel dropped and heads broken and barrel drunk.
Replaced damaged head wood and straighten barrel.

Barrel Heads Off Heat Treatment - Nelson Cooperage